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Getting reference of an external local object.

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Is there a way you can use the class definition/implementation of a local class, from a different program? For example, you have function group A, which has class CLASS1 defined. From function group B, I want to be able to be able to use this same class definition.

Copying the local class to a global one is not an option in my scenario, because it is an SAP local class that I want to use and want to prevent any future complications since it would be used in a critical user-exit.

Any help appreciated.


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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No, you can't do that, that is why it is a "Local" class. If you want reuseability, you must make it a global class.


Rich Heilman

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Thanks for your reply Rich.

I was hoping there would be some way to do this. Specifically I am trying to get a reference of the local class lcl_migo_screenmodification in function group MIGO so I can reuse the methods in the badi MB_MIGO_BADI. I may need to just copy the code if there are no alternatives.