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Getting an imageMap using IGS

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Using report GRAPHICS_IGS_CHART_TEST, I have managed to create some code that returns an image of a chart. This is wonderful. I also see an example where I can set a hotspot on the title so that when the user clicks on that hotspot it will launch a URL. This seems pretty straight forward. The code is as follows:

  lv_line-groupid = 'Polymers'.
  lv_line-x = 'Apr'.
*  lv_line-color = 54.
  lv_line-y = '20`'.
*      lv_line-datalabel = '2 Mil'.
  lv_line-extension = 'href=""'.
  append lv_line to xyt_data.

  lv_line-groupid = 'Refinery'.
  lv_line-x = 'Apr'.
* lv_line-color = 54.
  lv_line-y = 10.
*     lv_line-datalabel = '1 Mil'.
  lv_line-extension = 'href=""'.
  append lv_line to xyt_data.

data: ext_line        type igs_ext,
      extension       type igs_ext_tab.

* set some extensions
  ext_line-token = 'TITLE'.
  ext_line-value = 'href=""'.
  append ext_line to extension.

* create chart object
  create object igs_chart.

* set chart type
  igs_chart->type = cl_igs_chart=>co_type_area_stacked_3d.
  igs_chart->data = xyt_data.
  igs_chart->title = 'My Title'.
  igs_chart->extension = extension.

  data : lt_mime            type w3mimetabtype,
         lv_content_type    type w3param-cont_type,
         lv_content_length type i.

  call method igs_chart->send
      content_type            = lv_content_type
      content_length          = lv_content_length
      content                 = lt_mime
      imagemap                = yt_imagemap
      rfc_communication_error = 1
      rfc_system_error        = 2
      internal_error          = 3
      others                  = 4.

However, what I want to achieve is a little different. My chart is being display in HTML via IE. I want to create an imageMap so that when the user clicks on one of the columns of the chart, it will load the appropriate URL. However, I am unsure how to specify this. Is there a way to get the imageMap parameter to contain hotspots for each of the columns?

An example would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Alon,

when you look at the report you refer to (GRAPHICS_IGSCHART_TEST) you will see that somewhen the call igs_chart->execute is done returning the image map in a table structure. Looping over this table you will get the desired information.

If you have not yet started I would recommend to base on the XMLCHART interpreter where you find an example in report GRAPHICS_IGS_CE_TEST. In that report you also see how the imagemap is retrieved.

Best regards