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Get the index of listbox

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I have one screen that has one field with f4 help(dictionary).

There are two fields in input help.

eg. Resource Plant


Rsc1 Plt1

Rsc1 Plt2

In above case if I select second value i.e. Rsc1 then I want Plt2 to be selected.

In code I am using selected value of resource and fetching Plant value from database.In this scenario I want Plt2 to be returned by select query.

Is there any way to know which value from the help has been selevted by user?

Plz help.



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Check this link.


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Thanks for your reply Vinod.

I want solution in screen programming.The link you provided is about selection screen.

I dont have f4 for plant field.Plant field is 'output only' field.


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You need to pass unique value for the Index, so that you can get the required value .

while setting values use VRM_SET_VALUES in PBO.

while querying which one selected use VRM_GET_VALUES

For more info please go through Function Module Documentation

Hope this is clear to you.



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Hi Ram,

Thanks for your input.

I am not using FM for input help.(i havent coded for listbox values)

Actually its not listbox.I am getting input help from checktable.

and I want to know which row of that checktable is selected by user.

Please help me.

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Take the help of DYNP_VALUES_READ Function Module to know which the user selected before the PAI is triggered.

your input field contains the values selected from the List Box will be given by above FM.

Try checking the VRM_GET_VALUES to know which index is selected, i think still it works.

or use VRM_GET_IDS FM , For More info please go through the Documentation

Cheers & Happy Diwali.