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Hi Experts,

I need to get the pricing condition data in BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA2, under the table QUOTATION_CONDITIONS_IN when in TESTRUN mode, is it possible?

I have tried in several time but it cannot work. It prompt me info message 'For the currency code MYR ALE communication is not allowed'. The reason I use test-run is because I don't want the quotation being created.

Or any other way for me to get all pricing condition based on material and ship-to party ??? Thanks.




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Hi Isaac,

Good Check the following link

Condition update

Controls whether limit values are relevant for pricing.

E.g.: you can make the use of a particular condition record in the document dependent on a specified total value.

This total value can be specified in the condition record.

Condition Update -

This function is configured at the condition type level. it is basically used to update the pricing elements at various levels of the order cycle. like for example price calculated at the order level may differ by the time is delivery is due for that order. Pricing elements such as freight, taxes change periodically. therefore a condition update is needed inorder to update the pricing elements.

For validating the condition record for the first 100 orders,

you need to Customise the Condition type by checking the *condition update. *This will make the condition type updates.

In the maintaining screen condition record of the condition type go to Additional data and give the value either total value or the total number of orders(like 100 in your case).

This will make the condition record work for 100 times. You can also see the status of number of records that were already been utilised, in the Change condition record screen go to the environment and the cumulative values will give you total consumed sales orders. This will work for you

In a standard SAP system the check against number of orders is limitted to 3. So if you want to check against 100 you will have a problem. In this case you have to change the domain for "ANZAUF" as the value range is limited from 01 to 03. If you can convince your customer that you limit to first 99 than you only have to extend the range.

If you have to go for 100 or higher you have to change the length of the domain from 2 digits to whatever is required.

In both cases you change a standard SAP setting which will have an impact when you do a release upgrade.

Good Luck and thanks


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Hi Isaac,

Check the following links which may help you



Good Luck and thanks