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Function Module

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dear friends,

How to write a function module in SAP. wil any1 Describe.

What are the exceptions in function module

What is a function group

plz rep asap


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You might get more detailed answer at the ABAP forum:

/community [original link is broken]

But to put it short, you can build function modules for example with transactions SE37 or SE80.

Please check following links for further details:

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Dear Vel,

Post your queries in relevant Forums to get an efficient answer. It would save Moderator's time.

Function Module : You would create a Function Module in transaction SE37.

1. Go to Tranasaction SE37 -> enter function module name that you want to create

2. Choose create pushbutton

3. Provide Function Group and Short Text (You would create the function group in transaction SE80)

4. Provide Import, Export, Changing, Tables, and Exceptions (The exceptions screen only allows you to enter a text with which the exception can be triggered in the function module.)

5. Choose Source Code option and write the code.


1. As name suggests are exceptional conditions. You would use the exceptions that you had defined under exceptions.

MESSAGE <type number> WITH <var1> <var2> .. RAISING <exception>.

Function Group : A function group contains a set of logically related function modules.

At runtime, all function modules belonging to a function group are loaded with the calling program. As a result, you should plan carefully which functions really belong in a group and which do not. Otherwise, calling your function modules will unnecessarily increase the amount of memory required by the user.

Visit the following link for more information: