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function module

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i m using HR_FEATURE_BACKTABLE to read the feature will it do its intended work if i call it using above function module for eg if feature is intended for sending a message to distribution list. if i call it using thid function module it returns me a table giving distribution list , message etc.. will it send a message using this module.


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This function module is intended for internal use.

This function module reads a decision tree of a feature with the transferred field contents and determines the expected return value for the field contents.

The function module HR_FEATURE_BACKTABLE reads a feature with a table return.


Read the feature M0001:

tables pme04.

data feature like t549b-namen.

data back_tab(50) occurs 1 with header line.

data status(1).


pme04-tclas = 'A'.

pme04-infty = '0001'.

feature = 'M0001'.


call function 'HR_FEATURE_BACKTABLE'


feature = feature

struc_content = pme04

kind_of_error = space


back = back_tab

status = status


dummy = 1

error_operation = 2

no_backvalue = 3

feature_not_generated = 4

invalid_sign_in_funid = 5

field_in_report_tab_in_pe03 = 6

others = 7.

case sy-subrc.

when 2.

when 3.

when 4.

when 5.

when 6.


Reward if useful...!!!!!