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Function Module used in Query gives Dump

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Hi All,

I have created a function module which is in Function which was copied froma standard function group.

The Problem is that when i use that function module in an infoset to get the value of a particular field it gives a dump but when i use it in custom program it works fine.

I debugged the query program and found out taht there is include in the main program of the function which has an event call for LOAD-OF-Program so when it goes into that event it gives DUMP.

I want to know why does the function module event load-of -program call happens when used in a infoset but not in a "Z" program.

I cannot remove that include from the main program since the function group is used by many other function Modules.



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Hi Umang!

Looks more like your z-program is a report -> load-of-program event is defined. In an infoset you handle probably a subroutine pool -> load-of-program event is not defined and you get a dump.

You have to change your z-function group more widely than you thought. A starting point might be: deletion of all unchanged function modules (because you can call the standard function), so that the rest of includes is easier to handle.

It might get tricky, if your function needs some action at load-of-program, but hopefully that part belongs to something else.