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Function Module For Transaction Code 'AIAB' and 'AIBU'

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Hi All,

Could you please let me know that is there any BAPI(Function Module) for Transaction Code AIAB and AIBU.

I need to define distribution rule and settlement rule for final assets.

Thanks in advance.

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create a smart style and in that create a character format, use the barcode u required.

From 4.6c on, you can use smartforms to print barcodes without buying any barcode.dll software nor hardware extention like Bardimm on any laser/inkjet printer (Please Note that I haven't mentioned Zebra printers here!). To do this, you have to create a smartstyle -> character format with the desired barcode font (defined within sap). Then in the smartform, create a window, put the field and associate it the character format. That's all (I mean, that's all we do at least :-). I think, you have to consider the barcode specifications before sending the barcode value to the smartform (Just an example, if you're using 3 of 9, the code should start and end with an asterisk - '*' -) We're printing an interleaved 2 out of 5 barcode in our invoices due to a legal requirement, and we did it this way

More information for you

If you have a barcode scanner, then you should not need reading the barcode into an ascii file to get the data read in an standard or custom screen field. You can read it directly to the field you want. (unless... you have complex data coded in the barcode - for example if you're using an ean-ucc 128 compliant code and you're sending several fields in a single code ... In this case, an interface is almost mandatory because you must interpret the data fields according to the ucc standard, split the code into several fields .... and .... pure programming logic ).

To put it clear: if you have to read, for example, a barcode that holds the legal number of an invoice using a barcode scanner and this number should be sent to migo-> bktxt then you don't need an interface. The scanner itself acts like a fast operator entering the characters using a keyboard and filling in the field.

We're reading barcodes in several places (when we finish each pallet, when we receive an invoice, and so on. Each case is a different screen. We arent using an ascii file to read these barcodes. Furthermore, we read the invoice legal number into migo bktxt field (Head Text).

Have a look at OSS notes 750772


sreelatha gullapalli

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Hi Sreelatha,

I think by mistake you replied my question with somebody else questions solution.

Any answer guys?