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Function Module and BADI and bapi

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Could u explain

disadvantages of Function Module?

disadvantages of BADI?

disadvantages of BAPI?

disadvantages of SMART FORMS?

these are all my IBM questions...i am not able to answer to these questions so could u help me?

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1Ans : In a Function Group, Only one instance of a function group you can work at a time....

to overcome this now a days we are using OOABAP...

2Ans : ____Sorry____

3Ans : For Standard format data transfer (extract or upload ) only U can use Standard BAPIs ... It wont support every Business seniros.. u need to update the BAPI...


  • In smart forms U can not do interactive .. by using ADOBE form u can handle ineractive forms...

  • if u sent a .pdf form to client , he can fill it and save the data and send it back over the email u can upload that pdf form in to SAP..

Hope Helpfull


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Disadvantages compared to what? Global warming?

btw - as Raghunath.S should also know, asking interview questions like this is against the rules. go and read them.