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French Characters do not print in SAPScript Form

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I modified the MEDRUCK form for PO and inserted some new label texts. These texts contain characters like é and è.

When I do a Print Preview of the PO, the text shows fine.

However, when I print the PO, the characters on paper are replaced by a combination of 2 characters (like "|).

I suppose this has to do with the printer, but where should I make any modifications to get this right ?


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Hi Jan,

Use transaction SPAD and check the output device you have sent the print to.



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Hi Jan,

you did not mention if the form is created in language French or in English. I worked with different languages with SAPScript in the past including French, but we created the forms in the corresponding language and never had a problem with special characters. Now the trick is that the users have to log on in the language they want to see the form (French in this case).

I hope this helps.

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I started the Form with a copy of the EN version (as default language) and I only copied this language from client 000 (User famous last words : "We only need this form in English").

Now they changed their mind, so what I did is I made a copy of the Forms (Still the EN language) and translated some vital texts (mostly in MAIN). I did it this way, because I made many changes in the layout compared to the original MEDRUCK, so it was faster to start with my copy and just change texts.

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You have to create the form in French if the users are logging on in French. However, if you do not want to create the form in French, or the users are not logging on in French, then the second option you have is using transaction SE63 to translate the texts for your form, that way the special texts will display correctly. The trick here is to translate a different language into English (if the users log on in English) and the French characters will be in created in the English version of the texts translated.

I hope this is not confusing.

If you want to translate the texts and do not know how, let me know and I will guide you step by step.

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Hi Enrique....

I have a issue regarding language translation of SAP Scripts.

Iam trying to convert Dunning form from language EN to ZH through SE63 transaction. But it is not working. Can you give me the sequence of steps to be followed to resolve this issue.

Thank You.

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Hai Enrique,

I want procedure of translation using transaction se63.

I have a requirement, one of my end user will enter the free texts like (delivery note, packing note) in language russia. (login language is russia) I want to transalte them dynamically. I want to show them in english language. Can you suggest me any procedue to do this.

Thanks in advance.