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Format Date in SAP Gui and in WAS

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Hi guys,

I'm doing a unit testing of a customized bapi_po_create. And successfully created a PO. Then I tried it in WAS, but it doens't accept the date. How would I know the right format of it? It wasn't me who created the bapi.

Though I'm using the same record in BAPI but I don't get the same errors.


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Dear Maui,

I guess that your 'Unit Testing' refers to SE37.

There is a difference because of 'Conversion Routine' in the way that data is entered in GUI and/or program.

The 'rule of thumb' might be as follows:

1. When you entered the date via GUI (selection screen, etc.) and the space is 10 digits, then you should use DD.MM.YYYY format.

2. When you entered the date via program (ABAP code) and the field length is 8 (DAT type) then the format is YYYYMMDD.

Hope this help and btw, I think you should use BAPI_PO_CREATE1 instead.


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I already have bapi_po_create1 wrapped in a customized function module. It's like I'm passing a Date from WAS to the customized bapi.