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Form template cell wrap in smartform

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          Hi Guys,

I  am facing problem in print preview .In template i have one cell height is double compare to other cell's.

1.But the problem was in particular cell is for if variable is contain more than first line width it's printed in second line and remaining part was not printed in print preview.

2.But for the variable data is sufficient for first line it was printed in first line it is ok.For point no 1.I am facing problem.So, if any one have solution please share with me..


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If your cell is in the template, then you need to allocate more size i.e. data can adjust in two lines. If you are allocating space for one line it will not show second line data will not be shown.

Or you can create a table same as like structure of a template. Table will automatically handle the cell space as per data.



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Dear Sunil,

Please let me know how  to allocate size for Template Cell's.

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Dear Mahesh,

You just need to increase size of the template cell by selecting it.

Select template - > click on details .

Here you can increase the height and width of the template for specific cell as well.

But this will be try and error option, as you need to check & adjust height and see second line will be shown in cell.

Better instead of template create Table same as structure of template, then no need to adjust the height of the cell, as Table will automatically adjust the cell size as per the data.

Please let me know if you have further questions.




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Hi Sunil ,

Thank you for giving reply .Already My problem was resolved .