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For Inventory Adjustment : Which Idoc type to be used and why?

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Hi Gurus,

For Goods Movement in one of the MM-Purch Implementation I used the Idoc type : MBGMCR03

at that time inventaory was not playing a big role.

But for now for doing inventory adjustment (Inventory has importance now) which Idoc type to be followed:

Can I use same Idoc type : MBGMCR03

Or Shd I go for Idoc type : WMMBID02

In some threads I read if MM you shd. go for MBGMCR03 and for IM : WMMBID02.

But why I dont know the answer...

Please give me your views on this.




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MBGMCR03 is basically the BDBG idoc type and uses BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to post the goods movement... You can check the documentation for the FM /BAPI to determine what kind of goods movement is possible. You can look at T158G table to find the t-codes supported. If you can post your inventory adjustment using the BAPI, you can use MBGMCR03, as long as middle ware can support that format...

As far as the WMMBID02, It uses the IDOC FM (which in turn also uses the MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT)..