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folder symbol when handling node_double_click

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I am using the class cl_gui_alv_tree to display tree structure.

I am getting folder symbols in the tree structure ,I have to remove these.

how to do???.

Another thing is I have to handle the event node_double_click.

it is triggered if I double click on folder symbol only.

if I remove the folder symbol how to handle this...

please very very very urjent



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I doubt that you can leave out the node icons. Check the ADD_NODE(S) method or the structure for defining the node layout for fields NODE_IMAGE and NODE_EXPANDED_IMAGE.

If you want to react on double-clicking on items register event ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK.



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Thank u very much,

can u also explain me how to capture the whole row.

i.e if I double click on image it is going now but I want to do this when i click any where on the row

Thanks & Regards,


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Hello Srilakshmi

When you double-click in an ALV tree you always get the node key as input for the event handler methods. Therefore, I use a simple trick to retrieve the entire row from the node key:

" Assumption: ALV tree is used to display customers stored in table KNB1.

" Note: define additional fields to your outtab itab for the node key (and parent node key)
TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_s_outtab.
INCLUDE TYPE knb1   AS customer.
TYPES: node_key       TYPE tm_nodekey.  " not sure if this is the correct type -> replace if necessary
TYPES: parent_key     TYPE tm_nodekey.
TYPES: END OF ty_s_outtab.
TYPES: ty_t_outtab   TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_s_outtab 
                                 WITH DEFAULT KEY.

  gt_outtab    TYPE ty_t_outtab.   " itab for ALV tree data

" Fill the ALV tree
  ld_node_Key TYPE tm_nodekey,
  ld_parent_key TYPE tm_Nodekey,
  lt_knb1      TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF knb1,
  ls_knb1     TYPE knb1,
  ls_outtab   TYPE ty_s_outtab.

  LOOP AT lt_knb1 INTO ls_knb1.
    CLEAR: ls_outtab.
    ls_outtab-customer = ls_knb1.

    CALL METHOD go_tree->add_node
        relatkey = ld_parent_key
        node_key = ld_node_key.

    ls_outtab-node_key = ld_node_key.  " returned from ADD_NODE method
    ls_outtab-parent_key = ld_parent_key.
    MODIFY gt_outtab FROM ls_outtab
      TRANSPORTING node_key   parent_key
    WHERE ( bukrs = ls_knb1-bukrs  
    AND         kunnr = ls_Knb1-kunnr ).

" Retrieve entire row in event handler method by node key
  METHOD handle_node_double_click.
  " define local data
      ls_knb1     TYPE knb1,
      ls_outtab   TYPE ty_s_outtab.

      READ TABLE gt_outtab INTO ls_outtab
                WITH KEY node_key = node_key.
      IF ( syst-subrc = 0 ).
        ls_Knb1 = ls_outtab-customer.