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Focus ABAP certification - help required

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Hi All

I'm a SAP techinal consultant (ABAP) with more than 2 years exposure.

I'm going to appear for ABAP certification exam within a week. Topics to be prepared for exam:

1. SAP Technologies

-> SAP systems

-> Technical structure of SAP WAS

2. ABAP Workbench Basics

3. Advanced ABAP

4. ABAP Objects

5. ABAP Dictionary

6. List creation techniques(including Object oriented ALV)

7. Dialog Programming

8. Database Changes

9. Enhancements and Modifications

-> Changes to standard SAP system

-> Personalization

-> Enhancements to ABAP Dictionary elements

-> Enhancements via customer exits

-> Business transaction events


-> Modifications

I need some of the BC documents namely (some of BC documents i'm already having):

1. BC414 (Programming database updates)

2. SAP solution manager overview

3. SAPTEC (mySAP Technology Solution Fundamentals)

Most impotant thing: As the exam is close, I require reasonably good sample questions (with answers) on the above topics.

        • Any reasonable help will be appreciated and suitably Rewarded *****

    • If you are having some big documents, please mail me at my id:

    • Before mailing, just put a small reply in this forum so that after receiving the mail, i can award points

Thanks and Regards

Ashish Jain


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Hi Rich

Thanks for replying. I already know these sites. Even i'm enjoying free sample questions at

But that doesn't seem to be enough. If you have some collection of questions and any of the documents that i mentioned earlier?



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I have BC 400 but i don't have BC 414



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Best of luck...

Can I know how you approached for the certification exam.

I mean you your self approached or any client is sponcering you.

It will be appreciated if you give the details....