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FM : RSTS_OPEN_RLC is errored out

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Hi Experts,

I am making use of the FM: RSTS_OPEN_RLC... but one of the parameter 'NAME' is empty as i dont have data in the table APQL.

So what are the other inputs to this func module?

I need to find out the TEMSE id field. pls help




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Hi Dan,

What u r trying to achieve. you could use FM RSPO_GET_TEMSEOBJ_OF_REQUEST to get object name.

Check this program RSTS0019.

hope that helps.


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Hi All,

Thanks for the replies.

I am trying to report the errors in the session onto my report.So i have to make use of FM:RSTS_OPEN_RLC , RSTS_READ..etc.

Please help .


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Dear Experts,

I am doing a BDC using session method and submitting the session using RSBDCSUB. Now i want to output details of error & succesul session onto a report<b> (without going to SM35 )</b> using FMs RSTS_OPEN_RLC FM RSTS_READ..etc.

the APQL table is also empty so i could not get th input param NAME for a "temse" object.

Please tell me how to do this?

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I hope this made may clear ur doubt:

Types: Begin of joblogs, " Job log w/a

DDate(10) type c, " Display date

DTime(8) type c, " Display time

Mart like bdclm-mart, " Message type

mid like bdclm-mid, " Message ID

mnr like bdclm-mnr, " Number

Text(90) type c, " Message text

End of joblogs.

End of joblogs,

  • Tree structure for reporting results from N006 and N015.

Begin of program_results,

Progm like trdir-name, " Program name

Versn type Zversion, " Version No - 006

CostCtr type C, " Cost centre flag

Batch like apqi-groupid, " Batch flag

File type string, " Output file for GUI

PFile like rlgrap-filename, " Output file Print

Result type boolean, " OK or not ok

Msg(255) type c, " Error message

List type ABAPLIST Occurs 0, " Listing Results

jobname like tbtcjob-jobname, " Job name for batch

TemSeId like apql-TemSeId, " TemseId for job log

JobLog type joblogs Occurs 0,

End of Program_Results.

Data: g_Results type Program_Results occurs 0.





  • Get the batch logs,

Perform Get_log tables g_results-joblog

using g_results-TemSeId.

  • Find any 'E' or 'A' class messages.

Loop at g_results-joblog into g_joblog.

If g_joblog-Mart = c_error

or g_joblog-Mart = c_abort.

If g_results-msg <> ''.

Append g_results to t_results.






  • Procedure: Get_Log

  • Purpose: Gets the log for a selected job.

  • NOTE: BP_JOBLOG_READ returns the wrong log -

  • that just shows job start, running and end.

  • Entry: TemSeId of job log.

  • Exit: Table of expanded text messages

  • Called By:

  • Calls:

  • Modification History:

  • Date Reason Version Who

Form Get_Log Tables t_joblog

using pu_TemSeId like Apql-TemSeId.

Data: Begin Of t_logtable Occurs 50, " Plain Log Info In Temse

Enterdate Like Btctle-Enterdate,

Entertime Like Btctle-Entertime,

Logmessage(400) Type C,

End Of t_logtable,

Begin Of t_bdclm Occurs 0. " Log message Structure

Include Structure bdclm.

Data: Counter Type I,

Longtext Type Bdc_Mpar,

End Of t_bdclm,

w_joblog type JobLogs,

w_External_Date(10), " Display date

w_Internal_Date Type D,

W_Msgv1 Like T100-Text, " Message variables 1,2,3

W_Msgv2 Like T100-Text,

W_Msgv3 Like T100-Text,

W_Msgv4 Like T100-Text, " and 4

W_Mlen Type I, " Current message v length

W_Subscr(1) Type N, " Current message variable

W_Varname(7) Type C. " Message variable name

Field-Symbols: <F_Field>. " Pointer to current msgv

  • Open the log, read it and then close it.

<b>Call Function 'RSTS_OPEN_RLC'


Name = pu_temSeId

Client = sy-mandt

Authority = 'Batch'

Prom = 'I'

Rectyp = 'VNL----'


Fb_Call_Handle = 4

Fb_Error = 8

Fb_Rsts_Noconv = 12

Fb_Rsts_Other = 16

No_Object = 20

Others = 24.</b> If sy-subrc = 0.

Call Function 'RSTS_READ'


Datatab = t_logtable


Fb_Call_Handle = 4

Fb_Error = 8

Fb_Rsts_Noconv = 12

Fb_Rsts_Other = 16

Others = 16.

If sy-subrc = 0.

Call Function 'RSTS_CLOSE'


Others = 0.

  • The log messages are held as t100 messages with the message

  • variables in a single string.

Clear t_bdclm[].

Loop At t_logtable.

  • Get a displayable version of the date. If there's

  • a problem, don't display this record.


Id 'DATINT' Field t_logtable-Enterdate

Id 'DATEXT' Field w_External_Date.


Id 'DATEXT' Field w_External_Date

Id 'DATINT' Field w_Internal_Date.

If Sy-Subrc Ne 0.



Clear t_bdclm.

t_bdclm-Indate = t_logtable-Enterdate.

t_bdclm-Intime = t_logtable-Entertime.

t_bdclm+14 = t_logtable-Logmessage.

Append t_bdclm.


  • Decode the messages in t_bdclm inserting the variable parts

  • of the message.

Loop At t_bdclm.

Clear: W_Msgv1,




  • Any variable parts in this message ?

If t_bdclm-Mparcnt > 0. "#EC PORTABLE

  • Message variables in MPar are held in a single

  • string. Two bytes precede each variable with the

  • variable length.


  • Get the current variable length and remove that

  • from the start of the string.

Move t_bdclm-Mpar+0(2) To W_Mlen.

Move t_bdclm-Mpar+2 To t_bdclm-Mpar.

  • Calculate the message variable this is for

Move Sy-Index To W_Subscr.

Concatenate 'W_Msgv' W_Subscr Into W_Varname.

Assign (W_Varname) To <F_Field>.

  • Move the variable to the correct message var and

  • check if there are any more variable parts to

  • process.

Move t_bdclm-Mpar+0(W_Mlen) To <F_Field>.

Move t_bdclm-Mpar+W_Mlen To t_bdclm-Mpar.

If Sy-Index >= t_bdclm-Mparcnt. "#EC PORTABLE





  • Finally build the complete message and place it in the

  • output table.

Clear w_joblog.

Move-corresponding t_bdclm to w_joblog.

Move w_external_date to w_joblog-ddate.



Msgid = t_bdclm-Mid

Msgnr = t_bdclm-Mnr

Msgv1 = W_Msgv1

Msgv2 = W_Msgv2

Msgv3 = W_Msgv3

Msgv4 = W_Msgv4


Message_Text_Output = W_joblog-text.

Append w_joblog to t_joblog.





Pls reward points.