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FM HR_PAD_HIRE_EMPLOYEE not consistent

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Dear Expert,

We are developing a custom report to perform mass movement in the same program :

- For transferring employee, we use FM HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA

- For hiring, we use FM HR_PAD_HIRE_EMPLOYEE.

There is a case that we process the data sequentially as below :

- Sequence 1 : Employee A is transferred and encounters error due to missing required info.

- Sequence 2 : Employee B is hired but is also encounters weird error. The message is something like : 'Entry 42001106 does not exist in T528B (check entry)'. It is message class/number 00/058.

Sequence 2 should not encounter error because position 42001106 exists in table T528B. If we skip sequence 1, and sequence 2 can be processed successfully without any error message.

Why do we have this inconsistency ? A bug in the FM or something that I miss ?




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Are you doing this in a loop? Any sample code? If you are able to replicate this scenario did you try debugging standard FM what is your analysis?