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First post! new to SAP want to learn!

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I am a Multimedia Developer and I would like to branch out by becoming a SAP Developer. I studied Business Information Systems at Uni and have a good grasp of the terms used in the Business Process Management world. I am confident that I can handle modelling techniques and get to grips with what clients really want and how they can achieve their objectives using clearly thought out strategies. I understand ABAP is the language tool used to develop SAP solutions but how does one take the first step into becoming a fully fledged Developer? What is there in terms of:



Online tutorials

Simulations (problem solving and coding simulations)

I am hungry for knowledge!!


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Welcome to SAP and SDN. If you want to dive right in, you can download and install the Netweaver 2004s ABAP Sneak Preview and install it. This system will allow you to begin experimenting with ABAP and the ABAP environment. You can download right here on SDN. Follow this link, you want the last column.

Next, here is the online help for ABAP Language.

Here is the help for ABAP Workbench Tools.

I wouldn't worry about certifications just yet. The are begining to become meaningless anyways(Did I say that?).

Of course, you can search forums here to answer your questions, or you can ask your question directly. Have fun and good luck.


Rich Heilman

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Hi Terence,

Welcome to SAP and SDN.

Check ABAPDOCU transaction which has a lot of demo program in ABAP. This may helpful you a lot to beginning of your journey towards ABAP and SAP World.

Check these links for online BOOKS



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Have you visited This provides immense knowledge about:

-Documentation, Education services and information designed at SAP.

-Comprehensive collection of information about the relevant SAP products.

-Much more.........

Good Luck!



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Hi Terence,

Welcome to SDN and SAP world....

Regarding the training ... you have to check at your location

Certificaiton ....

U can take after you get some experience and so on... If you are so much eager to take you can try with brainbench certificaiton...

online tutorials..... lot of online support is available on each n every topic of abap.....

Re: demo pgm

Posted: Apr 10, 2006 1:26 AM Reply E-mail this post

it is a good place to start.

there are lots of lots of examples

in given link just check it out..

Sams Teach Yourself ABAP/4 in 21 Days

this seems to work..


BAPI-step by step

Weblog for receive email and processing it through ABAP


For Logical database

very useful

Useful link to websites

Useful for background

Table control in BDC

For posting weblog,


Dynamic Internal table -weblog in sdn



How to trace smartform


For examples on WorkFlow...check the below link..



BOM Explosion




ALVGRID with refresh

For language setting and decimal separator


Oracle queries

To format SQL

SCOT settings

Status Icon [ALV,Table Control,Tab Strip]

ALV Group Heading

For multiMedia


Uploading LOGO in SAP


Here are the two links which contains lots of PDFS:

You can check out few sites too:


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Welcome and great choice.

Start with an SAP-sponsored class. BC400 - Introduction to ABAP/4 is a wonderful, starting point. You will find thru under Education links.

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This is a fantastic response guys. I am going to download the SAP Netweaver trial and use the BC ABAP manual. There is so much information to disseminate but by god this looks like an immense product.

I do not normally do formal training as such so I think I will try my usual 'learn by doing. I have not learned a object orientated programming language before and have plans to learn Javascript. If I can get confidence in ABAP then learning Javascript will be so much easier.

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Java script is a scripting lanague, it is different then ABAP. Java on the other hand, is an object oriented language that you can make some comparisons to ABAP objects.

<i>There is so much information to disseminate but by god this looks like an immense product.</i>

You really have no idea But you will soon


Rich Heilman