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Finding the folder on the SAP server

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My requirement is about finding the physical folders and files on SAP server. If any body could give me any input for that, i would appreciate it!!

I need to copy the files from my C: drive to SAP Office Shared Folder. Actually I have three folders on SAP Office Shared Folder (Customer, Vendor and Personnel). the documents are being scanned and sent to my PC. from here I have a program that runs nightly and copies those pdf scanned files to application server. I need to ascertain the path of those Customer, Vendor and Personnel folder on SAP Application server.

any input is appreciated. Thanks, Abhishek


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Hi Abhishek,

Perhaps you could try using transaction <b>AL11</b> (SAP Directories). This will provide you with details of all the directories on your SAP server - however you'll probably have to do a lot of searching...

Better still, have a word with one of your BASIS team - they're usually great at finding out information like this...

I hope this helps.


<b>Addition</b>: I'm sorry, I've just realised that my answer does not really answer your specific question (I thought you were asking for something else...).

The suggestion put forward by Reinhard Meixner is the correct way of resolving your issue.

Just follow his advice and you'll be fine

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Hi Abhishek,

SAP Office Shared Folders are stored on the underlying Database of the SAP Application Server. So AL11 ist the wrong way to look for your folders(customer, vendor,


To automate your upload process you have to use a function module from SAP Office like SO_DOCUMENT_INSERT_API1.

I hope this help on.


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Thanks for the reply people.. As u said that the folders are stored in the backed SAP application server,are they stored physically on the server in the form of folder or are they encrypted.

All i want to know is .. can i give a path of those folders.. say


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you could use FM


passing "IMPORTFROMPC" to method parameter for online loading of files from your PC.

You could do a small search on SO_DOCUMENT* in SE37 which has got all relevant FM for managing office documents.



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Here's my report:


DATA: gd_COUNT type I.

DATA: D_PATH(50) value '

DATA: gd_Source TYPE string ,

gd_dest type String ,

gd_rc type I.

DATA: gd_directory type String value '

DATA: gd_file_table type standard table of file_info.

data: wa_file_table type file_info.

CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>DIRECTORY_LIST_FILES


DIRECTORY = gd_directory


FILE_TABLE = gd_file_table

COUNT = gd_count.

LOOP AT gd_file_table into wa_file_table.

CONCATENATE D_PATH wa_file_table-filename INTO gd_dest.

concatenate gd_directory wa_file_table-filename INTO gd_Source.

CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>File_Copy


Source = gd_Source

Destination = gd_dest




R3Server is our production server name. the ADR100 folder is a shared folder.

All i want to know is that whether the folders that i created in SHARED FOLDERS in SAP BUSINESS WORKPLACE........are they created physically in this R3Server or in some KPro or CMS.. if i could give the name of that instead of my
R3sever\ADR100\........then my work is done.