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Finding Table name from structure

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I need to find the trans. table name for the field ATP Quntity, It's coming from the Structure MDEZ field name MNG04. Please Help me guys??????????/

I tried where used list, it's giving 2 tables But both are not having any data. Please guide me is there is anyother way can i achieve this?????????


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Try transaction SE15

Repository Information System --> ABAP Dictionary --> Fields --> Table Fields

Enter 'ATP quantity' for Short Description and execute.



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If you didn't get the field yet, you can try with SQL trace. Goto Transaction ST05 and switch on the trace. Now get back to your transaction and execute. Then goback to SQL trace and switch of the trace and display trace. Now you can find the list of tables used by transction in the SQL Trace displayed. Then you may need to go through these list of tables to determine the required table. please let me know if any further details are needed.



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I don't think ATP quantity is a specific table field value. It is a calculated value, that has life only in the transaction.


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Hi Hari,

Thanks for ur help. Can i add Program manipulated field value into Search help display. B'cos in selection criteria we can only create view for tables. How i can display manipulated value that's not in table to display in Search help result screen?

I need to add extra display result in material field's Search help result screen like Stock on hand plant details.



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You can go to Table DD02L, enter MNG04 as the FIELDNAME. You will get some values, but I think all of them are structures. You can perhaps then find out where these structures are used.

I think this field is a temporary field used in MRP calculations & so it might be unlikely that you a corresponding table.