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Finding out Text -ID in ME51n

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I have an Internal table which contains the PR header and item data.

I have to find out the Item text for all the PR item nos.

How can I find the Item level text in ME51n using 'Read_text ' function module . What are the parameters to be passed along with TDID and TDOBJ

Thanks and Regards ,

Parvatha Reddy.


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Call the transaction (ot better a modification transaction, ME52N, where actual id exists) and display a long text, there is a menu option to display the header data of the text, there you will be able to find the values to put into TDID and TDOBJ.

- if necessary, choice the Sapscript text editor

- There menu : goto , header


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Thanks for the reply. But I do not want to go into tne transaction and find it out manually .As there are many Purchase Requisitions , I want to find it out with somw coding.

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Text Name : PR no + PR Item

Language : EN

Text ID : B01

Text Object: EBAN

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What i wanted to say was, look once at one text via transaction and find the rule (its easy, just try, you get some constants and the position of the requisition number in the key) then write your program.

Also take a look at tables TTXOB and TTXID for object EBAN.


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refer to this [link>>|] to find the txt id of a transaction.

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Hi Parvatha,

The ever best solution is to find out yourself,

Here is the way i Approach to find out Read_text passing parameters.

Open you TCODE & Before Going to your text data, Open ST05 and activate trace,

now just see you text in the TCODE & Goto-ST05 and deactivate trace.

Now Display Trace...!

Here you see a lot of tables and its SQL Retrieves,

Look for table STXH & STXL...(It contains the Read_text passing parameters).

Now pass as you require.

Thanks & Regards,

Dileep .C

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1. Double click in the Text space...

2. Follow 'Goto->Header'

3. There u get the 'Text Name'


'Text ID'

'Text Object'

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