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Find User Created the table Entry

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Hi All,

This is my scenario , I've one Custom Table ztable which is there in the quality system and entries will be made in the table and it would be transported to the production system. Now My problem is this I've received one wrong entry in the table because of that i'm getting short dump in one of my application. Is there anyway to find out who has made the entries in the table and transported it. Table doesn't have entries like created by or created date like what we have in standard tables. Considered that tranport would be within a month.Your Solution is appreciated.

Note : This is regarding the table contents not table.


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Dear Anand,

You have told that, entries will be made in the Z table .

if are you updating any other sap standard tables along withi this, u can get that.

sinice meta data is maintained at table level not at record level.



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Hi Anand,

Do the below.

First go to Se16 and give table E071 and in the

selection screen give Object = 'TABU' and Obj_Name

= your Ztable name. It will give you all the

trasport requests which are used for transporting table

contents of you Z table. Then take the latest request

and go to table E070 and give the request and check

the entries, it will give you who created the request

and when it is trasported like deatils.

Hope this will help you , just give atry. But you will definitly know who tranported the table contents, it will give you the user id.

Thanks & Regards,


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Go to transport organizer tools (SE03)& then go to "search for objects in Request/Task" & then give R3TR>TABU><your table name>.

This will give all the transports for your table.

Hope this helps.


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As others said, you can findout who and when a transport request is moved but I don't think there is any way to find when and who created a entry in a table.