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Find Numbers of eCATT objects resides under a package

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Hi Guru,

I am new to eCATT . I have got encountered by a situation where I need to findout the numbers of eCATT Test scripts presents under a package.

If it is possible to findout in table level what is the table name or is there any other way to findout ecatt related objects from se80 rather than ccounting it manually one by one.

The reason why i need to findout in table level : in our organization there are something around 6000 scripts are there into a particular package & we have to migrate all those scripts from one server to another. So it is very very difficult to monitor one by one in package level how many and what are the scripts got migrated successfully and what are not unless we are checking it ino table level....

So can any one please provide the table by which we can easliy identify those ecatt related objects.

Thanks & regards

Saifur Rahaman


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You can get this data from table TADIR - just select DEVCLASS where OBJECT = 'ECAT'

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Start transaction se80, select package and enter the package name and press enter key or display button , there expand the test objects and select ecatt test scripts and here you can see the entire list of test scripts.

Thanks & Best regards,


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beside the already suggested way with SELECT on TADIR (which can also result in wrong data when working in a environment with global tadir), there is:


- F4 Help on Test Script field

- Specify package and unlimited count of records to be searched

- Wait a while ...

- and see a F4 result with record count in header