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Fields in Assigned objects for QM notification greyed out

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Hello People,

I'm trying to create a custom object category(Material), I had followed every step. i.e define object category, implementing BAdi(BADI_QNAO_OBJCAT) and the configuring for a notification type.I have also added Material and Materail Description to structure QNAOS_OBJ_DATA_UI. And the same was reflecting in Assigned objects screen.

However, all the columns seems to be greyed out when i'm trying to create a notification. Am i missing something? or did i do something wrong?.

If any one implemented this enhancement please share your thoughts on this.

Please find the screenshot.

Thanks & Regards,



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Solved it myself thanks,


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Solved it myself thanks,

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Are you not willing to share how you solved it?

There might be people who face the same problem in a few months and did a research and found this discussion. How disappointing to read "solved by myself".

If all people would  keep anything secret then SCN had only questions and no answers.

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When you posted your question, you were wanting the members of this community to put some effort and time into solving your issue - to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Since you solved it yourself, I have the same expectation of you.

Please share your solution. (Btw, this isn't optional, it's part of being a member of this community).

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When maintaining assigned objects, you have to maintain an item first, as assigned objects always relate to an item because they are on item level. Without an item you cannot assign objects.

Once you maintained an item, the fields should be ready for input and not greyed out.

I missed it, as i was not aware of it. Anyways keeping secret was not my intention. Thanks for the heads up.

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I have similar kind of issue. I did not get any clue. Anyone please guide me how to proceed?