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Which field in the SAP gives the information that the client we are working is Development or quality or production.


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Srikanta Gope

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Table T000 field CCCATEGORY will have the value;

P Production

T Test

C Customizing

D Demo

E Training/Education

S SAP reference



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I know sy-mandt retrieves the current client we are working. All I need is the Whether client is development or Testing or Production.

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So use SY-MANDT to read table T000 and consider field CCCATEGORY.

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Hi Karthik,

SAP can return you the client number with the system field SY-MANDT. But I don't think that SAP can determine whether the returned client number is a Dev / Quality / Production. You might need to check them by yourself in the code, if you need to do that.


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<b>its MANDT


<b>clent 100 for cutomization

clent 200 for development

clent 300 for testing</b> and so on..



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Usually PRD, QA and DEV are not defined by the client, usually they will have there own instance and in a lot of cases their own physical systems. You can have the same client numbers in all three systems, which is most likely the case, so client number will not help you. Instead, you might try sysid. In my case we have two systems, TST and PRD, these are the system ids for my systems and the value is always stored in SY-SYSID. So, in my program if I want to know if my program is running in my production envirnoment, I can simply check if SY-SYSID = 'PRD'.


RIch Heilman

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Try to use SYST-SYSID (SY-SYSID ), this field contain the system name, or just use SYST-MANDT(SY-MANDT) that contain the client.


Marcelo Ramos

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I didn't get any table to store this field..

but during runtime.. in ur code you can use SY-SYSID for this field..

We have different System ID for different servers..

like in my case...

for Dev : ERD

For Test : ERT

For Production : ECP

SY-SYSID has corresponding values during run time..

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