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Field in IDOC invoc02 E1EDKA1-telf1

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I am using transaction WE19 to post one IDOC in the segment E1EDKA1 i am having a field telf1

i want to know where does this field get papulated.

i got the invoice number 5xxxxxxxxxx i went to mir4 and the displayed the invoice after the idoc was

posted sucessfully but was not able to find the value i gave it to the field telf1 in the segment


can any one let me know where does this get papulated in SAP.

i scearched RBKP i was not able to get.



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Can you make it a little bit clear? Looks like you are posting an inblund IDOC. Do you have the value of telf1 in the IDOC and is it not populated in the table? Or, are you unable to see the value in the IDOC itself? If this is the case, from where is the IDOC coming to the SAP ?

I may be able to help you if you can describe the scenario a bit.

Thanks and Regards,

Shiny Jerix

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Yes i m posting an inbound IDOC. yes i have a value in telf1 for the segment E1edka1.

Invoice is created when i post this IDOC i just want to know the value i papulated in the field telf1 for the segment

E1EDKA1 where is it associated in INVOCIE created or which table does it stores into.


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Hi shiny any update or you want more details???

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E1EDKA1 is for Partner Information.

The telephone number is updated on the partner data.

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so will i not able to see the information on the invoice. But i see the invoice document created

i just want to see the telf1 data which i have added in the segment E1EDKA1 and posted as an inbound idoc

if so how will i be able to view this data.

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Are you using a standard basic type or an extended (Zxxx) one? If you are using a cutom message type, go to the function module and search for "telf1/ E1EDKA1". You will be able to see the code which updates the field.

The E1EDKA1 SEGMENT is meant to hold the partner data, which is saved in the LFA1 table. (Search for LIFNR in RBKP and you can see the foreign key relationship with LFA1). Agian, I think, TELF1 is not a standard field of LFA1. Check if you have an INCLUDE or APPEND which adds TELF1 into LFA1. You should be able to see the value there.

So, get the partner number(LIFNR)from your RBKP table and then search in LFA1 with the LIFNR value and there you'll see the TELF1 value.

Lemme know if it works !


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You will see the header/item partner data on the invoice created.

What are the other details you have given in the E1EDKA1 segment? Take the LIFNR, go to LFA1 to find the TELF1 updated.

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Hi Shiney,

i am able to see the telf1 entry specific to vendor in lfa1.

but the entry which i want to see is from company code.

to be more eloborate.

i have and idoc 00000688766 which was posted sucessfully into R3 from external system and respective

invoice created with that particular idoc.(inbound idoc) using we19

now i have a requirement to concatenate area code and country code along with the phone number.

i am just posting the same idoc which is posted sucessfully just by changing telf1 entry by add area code and

country code in the same for which i posted the idoc an it was sucessful and invoice number got generated for

same now i want to see the invoice where is the telf1 entry which i posted

here is data segment entry E1EDKA1 with telf1 entry.

Fld name Fld cont.


PARTN 3000





PSTLZ 10019


TELF1 12121212121212121


i hope this will make it clear.


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Hi Anjum,

Did you check where is it getting updated before you update the TELF1 field ? I do not have much idea where it is going to be updated if it is not in LFA1. I know that it fetches company code based on PARVW and PARTn fields from table T076B and actually the relation ship b/n the E1EDKA1 segment and the LFA1 & LFB1 tables are like :


E1EDKA1-LIFNR --> LFB1-EIKTO (This may not be updated most of the time)

So, that takes me back to the point that the TELF1 field that you include in E1EDKA1 should go to the LFA1 table.

Or else you may goto WE20, click on the Partner type -- select the partner number and click on your message type in the 'Inbound Parameters' section. Click on the view button -- this will show you the Process Code; Double Click on it and you can see the function module that processes the IDOC. Go through the program and you may find the field which is getting updated (Consider this as the last option).

Pls pdate if you find any other solution for this. I'd like to know it too