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Field addition for transaction REBDBU

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Dear all,

sub : Field addition for transaction REBDBU

My cliennt want to add a new field SiteID into the tab- General Data of Create Building screen.

Do we have any exit or badi for the same ??




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Check out the below Documentation.

Set Up User Fields for BTE

You can freely define fields for these master data dialogs:

Business entity



Rental unit

Rental agreement

These user fields can be seen on the tab User Fields in the respective master data dialogs.


Business Transaction Events (BTE) are used for the above. Each master data dialog has a group of BTEs that can be used to realize a data exchange:

Object text module

Business entity 00700150 to 00700153

Property 00700160 to 00700163

Building 00700170 to 00700173

Rental unit 00700180 to 00700183

Rental agreement 00700190 to 00700193

You find the text modules in the related transaction via Environment ->Infosystem(Processes) by entering the component IS-RE (Refer to (Business Transaction Events)

Proceed as follows for integration:

1. You have to create the user fields that you want to include in the master data objects in a structure called CI_VIOB01 for the business entity, CI_VIOB02 for the property, CI_VIOB03 for the building, CI_VIMI01 for the rental unit and CI_VIMIMV for the rental agreement. If you activate these structures, the corresponding master data tables are also activated!

2. You have to create a function group in the customer namespace in which the user fields are organized (for example: ZZBENUTZERFELDER). Function group FVUFTMPL can be used as a reference. This function group contains all objects required for simple maintenance functions of your own user fields.

3. For each master data dialog where user fields are required, you have to create a subscreen on which the new user fields are to be positioned. Customer-specific tables can also be maintained on this subscreen. The function group FVUFTMPL contains subscreens including a simple PBO and PAI module for each master data dialog. You can copy these. The init_screen_XXXX modules do not include the fields if a master data block is set or if the dialog mode has "Display" status in the respective master data dialog. If screen objects are still to be included in the display mode (for instance, scroll keys for table controls or pushbuttons for triggering a detail display), you have to enter 'DIS' in screen group 4 under object attributes. If pushbuttons are created in the subscreens, their function codes are imported into the global field ok_code in the get_ok_code PAI module. These can be subsequently processed in the respective module process_ok_code_XXXX. No field should be created in the element list of the subscreens for the ok_code.

4. Four BTEs are assigned to each master data dialog:

a) BTEs 00700150 - 00700153 to business entity

b) BTEs 00700160 - 00700163 to property

c) BTEs 00700170 - 00700173 to building

d) BTEs 00700180 - 00700183 to rental unit

e) BTEs 00700190 - 00700193 to rental agreement

5. The interfaces and functions of the BTEs are documented in the sample function modules SAMPLE_PROCESS_n in the function group FVBTESMPL, where "n" denotes the number of the corresponding BTE.

6. In the function group FVUFTMPL, there are four function modules for each master data dialog that correspond with one of the above BTEs. If, for instance, you want to create user fields for the business entity, you have to copy the function modules FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_INIT, FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_IMPORT, FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_EXPORT, FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_SAVE under other names to the function groups you have created and activate them (for instance ZZ_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_INIT, and so on). You should not change the coding of these function modules apart from activating the comments lines. They serve the purpose of writing the copied data in global variables. All necessary data declarations are listed in the include LFVUFTMPLTOP of the function group FVUFTMPL. The modules can be extended or modified as required.

7. The BTEs ending in zero serve the purpose of passing on information to the master data dialog as to the subscreen in which the user fields are situated, the program in which the subscreen was created, the dialog mode used (Create, Change, Display), if a master data block exists, and the tables that should be copied with 1 as the last digit at which particular time. See the documentation of function modules:

a) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700150 corresponds with function module FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_INIT

b) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700160 corresponds with function module FV_UF_PROPERTY_INIT

c) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700170 corresponds with function module FV_UF_BUILDING_INIT

d) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700180 corresponds with function module FV_UF_RENTAL_UNIT_INIT

e) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700190 corresponds with function module FV_UF_RENTAL_AGREEMENT_INIT

8. If you copy module FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_INIT to a module with the name ZZ_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_INIT, you only have to remove the asterisks before the respective lines E_TABLE_FLAGS -FLG_XXXX = 'X' and activate the module in order to copy the related table.

9. Since a master data block can be set and reset in the change made, there must be a system query in the PBO block of each screen asking if a block exists.

10. The BTEs ending in 1 copy the respective master data records and the tables that were requested at this time with the last digit 0. This data cannot be changed in the customer function group, apart from your own user fields. All data copied is available when the respective subscreens are called. See also the documentation of the function modules:

a) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700151 corresponds with function module FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_IMPORT

b) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700161 corresponds with function module FV_UF_PROPERTY_IMPORT

c) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700171 corresponds with function module FV_UF_BUILDING_IMPORT

d) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700181 corresponds with function module FV_UF_BUILDING_IMPORT

e) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700192 corresponds with function module FV_UF_RENTAL_AGREEMENT_IMPORT

11. If you copy module FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_IMPORT to a module with the name ZZ_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_IMPORT, you only have to remove the asterisks before the respective lines I_XXXX = I_T_XXXX and activate the module so that the table parameter is copied to the related internal table.

12. The changed user fields can be copied to the times with 2 as the last digit in the respective master data dialog. If customer-specific tables have been maintained on the screens, you have to specify in the export parameter E_CHNG_FLAG if this data has to be saved. The parameter does not have to be set to show that there has been a change in the fields linked to the master data records! During saving, all screens of the master data dialog are run in the background. The system can thus run an additional consistency check and issue error logs, if required. If inconsistencies are found on the screen with the user field in the PAI block that would require a termination of the saving process, this information can be passed on to the calling program in export parameter E_ABORT_CHECK F. See also the documentation of the function modules:

a) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700152 corresponds with function module FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_EXPORT

b) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700162 corresponds with function module FV_UF_PROPERTY_EXPORT

c) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700172 corresponds with function module FV_UF_BUILDING_EXPORT

d) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700182 corresponds with function module FV_UF_RENTAL_UNIT_EXPORT

e) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700192 corresponds with function module FV_UF_RENTAL_AGREEMENT_EXPORT

13. The master data record is copied for the events ending in 3. All numbers, such as the INTRENO (Real Estate key) are available in the master data record. These are generated when the data is saved. The function module called at this event can be used to save customer tables. The fields contained in structures CI_XXXX are saved by the calling programs. Coding only has to be added here if you need to save tables or fields that are not already contained there. See also the documentation of the function modules:

a) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700153 corresponds with function module FV_UF_BUSINESS_ENTITY_SAVE

b) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700163 corresponds with function module FV_UF_PROPERTY_SAVE

c) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700173 corresponds with function module FV_UF_BUILDING_SAVE

d) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700183 corresponds with function module FV_UF_RENTAL_UNIT_SAVE

e) SAMPLE_PROCESS_00700193 corresponds with function module FV_UF_RENTAL_AGREEMENT_SAVE

14. To assign the function modules created in your own function group to the BTEs, call transaction FIBF (in Customizing for Real Estate, choose Master Data -> User Fields -> Set Up User Fields for BTE -> Define Additional Components (Open FI)).

15. In transaction FIBF, you first have to create and activate your own product. To do so, choose Settings -> Products -> ... of a customer in the "Additional Components Developed by Customer" view and add a new product there after choosing "New entries", for instance USERFLDS. Then activate it by flagging the "Active" checkbox and save it.

16. Choose Settings -> Process function modules -> ... of a customer to assign your own function modules (such as process interface 00700150 to function module ZZ_BUSINESS_ENTITY_INI) to the BTEs you require. You can leave the "Country" and "Application" columns blank. In the "Product" column, you enter the name of the product originally created.

17. It is possible to transport the objects created from a development system or test system to the production system with a transport request. Note that the entries in tables TBS24 and TPS34 that were maintained with transaction FIBF also have to be transported to the target system. To do so, execute transaction FIBF and choose Settings -> Products -> ... of a customer or Settings -> Process function modules -> ... of a customer in the table overview menu and then choose the "Transport" option.

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Hello Poorna,

I have followed your instruction as stated but unable to get the custom field in REBDBU txn screen.

We need a custom field in general tab of REBDBU txn . We are using "Flexible Real Estate Management(RE-FX)" . Can you help in this regards,

Thanking you,