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FI - Posting & Reversal

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Hello Friends,

I need help to make a reverse the Line item which is entered with invoice posting through Transaction-code Fb01.(ex : i posted two line items in Fb01 & now i want to reverse one line item from the posted entries).


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you can try that:

1) select data from bkpf/bseg (or if possible from bsis / bsas)

2) migrate your data for posting with rfbibl00

a) in the line , which will be canceled, you've to

invert the booking code ( look in db-table TBSL -

example bschl = 40 -> stbsl = 50)

b) you need a reverse booking for a)


you've migrate 4 lines :

account bschl dmbtr
4710    40    100
4711    40    150
4712    40    200
4713    50    100(-)

so you need the foll. revers booking:
( acc 5000 = clearing account)

5000    50    350

regards Andreas