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Fetch data from a table present in production system

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Hello Gurus,

I want to get data from a table which is present on production system. And i cannot create RFC. Can anybody tell me any other way of getting the data?

Thanks in advance!!




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What are you trying to achieve? Why do you need to fetch data? If we have a better understanding of the problem, we might be able to offer alternate solutions.

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There are two data base tables in production systems. I want to have that data available in excel file without creating any objects in any of systems (DEV , PROD). So i cannot create RFC also.

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if it's just a one time requirement to get the data from the table into an excel sheet e.g. for some error analysis or for making a development decision, why bothering with development? Just run se11 or se16 display the whole content and save it as excel sheet via the menu. This would be the fastest solution in my opinion.

If you do not have the permissions to see the table in production ask a admin or super user. Creating a program to dump data from the system you are not really allowed to see usually brings you in a lot of trouble :o).

Kind Regards


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Thanks Roman,

But it is not working for me. As the data is huge, i get short-dump when i see data in SE11.

Also, this is not one time. Though this would not be done frequently. Maybe once in a month.

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Is there any RFC to which i can specify the system name and table name and it will get data from that table from that system for me?

I tried 'RFC_GET_TABLE_ENTRIES'. But its not working . I get sy-subrc 1.

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