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facing problems while mapping fields in LSMW.

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Hi Friends,

i got a requirement to upload the address. Address is in

flat file.requirement is to use LSMW with object 0602 and the

standard report program is RSADRLSM02.This standard report

program uses the structures for uploading are ADR_LSM0 to

ADR_LSM6.But i have some fields in the source structure are

not at all related to the fields in destination structure(i.e ADR_LSM0 to ADR_LSM6)therefore i am facing problem while

mapping the source and destination there any other

way to map the fields.Please help me it's very urgent.

Thanks in advance.


Sumiti Gupta.


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Hi Sumiti

It seems your issue is not big. Do one thing, Maintain your source structure with the same name which relates structure fields from ADR_LSM0 to ADR_LSM6. And do the auto field mapping at 5th level of LSMW.

It should skip other fileds at this level which are not in your source strucutre.

Hope it solve your problem.


Nimesh S. Patel

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Hi Nimesh,

Thanks for the reply.

here the problem is i m looking for the similar fields in the

destination structure, i am finding the similar structures

but the length of the source and the destinathion structures

are different.Please help me.


Sumiti Gupta.