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F4 help in editable ALV Tables (OO)

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Hi there,

I have question regarding F4 help and input validation in editable ALV tables:

We use a DDIC-structure to display the ALV table. Within the structure definition we entered a table as checktable. But in the ALV the input validation does not work now.

It works only when we maintain the parameter "checktable" in the field catalog.

Is it normal behavior that the field validation works only if we maintain it twice?

Thanks in advance and




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Yes dear, same issue was faced by me and it was resolved in same way.

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Hi Martin,

This comes from the fact that check table is not really an input help provider. This is very often confused by developers. Check table is actually only for foreign key relationship . Whenever you define one for a table using data element which uses domain which in turn has this check table defined, foreign key realtionship is set as default with this table. This however can be ignored. So in fact check table can be used, but don't have to at all. Anyhow, it is never the table which entries we can use an input help. To have this funtionality for a table field, this has to be defined either as foreign key table or as search help . Only then the input help will come automatically for that field once you use it on the screen (i.e as ALV field).

Hope this answers your doubt.