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F4 event on a alv cell, using 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY_LVC'

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Hi experts,

this is my field category for my cell...

CLEAR it_fcat_ln.

it_fcat_ln-fieldname = 'AUFNR'.

it_fcat_ln-outputlen = 13.

it_fcat_ln-tabname = 'data_tab'.

it_fcat_ln-reptext = 'Network'.

it_fcat_ln-edit = 'X'.

it_fcat_ln-f4availabl = 'X'.

APPEND it_fcat_ln TO it_fcat.

and I use the FM 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY_LVC' to display my alv...

now when I run my report and click on this column, it shows that there is a search help for the column, but when i open up the search help(F4) it doesn't go back to the code.

How do I get it to go back to the code so that I can use the search help 'AUKO' and display the data...

Hope this is clear...




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After you press F4 help, the F4 help is being displayed but you are not able to close it. I think this is your requirement........

You need to write the code for CLOSING the F4 help in the PAI event in the code.....

Make sure that this happens, if not you'll not be able to close the F4 help.

Hope this is your requirement.



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After I press F4 the F4 help does not get displayed...

My question is how do I assign a search help help to a column using the FM 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY_LVC' instead of using OO...