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External connection with MYSQL db

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Hi to all,

i need to make an external connection to MYSQL database with "EXEC SQL" instruction of abap/4.

I've already maintained the DBCON table: i've created a new external connection (called TEST1), but i don't really know how to valorize the DBMS (db type) and CON_ENV (connection instructions) fields .

For MSSQL is simple (there are many examples on this forum), but for MYSQL db?? I wasn't able to find posts about configuring it.

Is there this kind of connection possible. What are other "way" to make this connection? I'd like to select/insert/update some table rows

Helpfull answer will surely good rewarded

Thx a lot in Advice

Andrea Galluccio


Former Member
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For MSSQL , we give the Connection Information as just MSSQL_SERVER=<ServerName>. But for MYSQL and oracle the parameters differ.

Just check out

I am not quite sure abt it.

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Thx a lot for your answer, but it doesen't work.

I've put all informations describe in your document in DBCON-CON_ENV field but i have always the same error :


"SQL error 156 occurred when executing EXEC SQL."

Thx a lot