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Express document "Update was terminated" received from author

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Hello All,

I am tring to add a material in the sales order using the transaction VA02. It shows the message "saved successfully" but if I click on back It gives an Express document "Update was terminated" . The data is not saved in the database.

If I check the error Info it shows... Error during update of Table VBAP (RC= 4, Key= 70000675)

It is not a case of duplicate insertion as the table does not have any entry with the fields that I am trying to create.

Please suggest how to resolve.




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Check the transaction code ST22. Have you written any thing in the user exit's which may be causing inconsistency while updating data to database.



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hi anju,

this error comes in DB_COMMIT. as vinod said generally this issue comes when you have made some changes in user exit at that time.

if not then u have to search for SAP notes .

if any quey please send the detailed error message



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Hi Sunil,

I do not know how to findout the userexits that has changed . Please let me know where we can check for userexit(s) when we process t-code SMQ2.

Best regards,


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Hi Anju,

Refer to the below link on how to debug update task errors using transaction SM13-

Hope it helps.



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