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Export to Excel ALV Grid Problem

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There is a unique problem in my ALV report. Whenever I export to excel (List->Export->Spreadsheet), the data is getting exported all fine, but whenever I try to export to local file in excel (List->Export->Local File-- then choosing spreadsheet radio button) the format is gettig all messed up with no column in line.

I searched in the SDN for a clue but didn't get any relevant threads. The Client needs the local file export to be proper.

Any suggestions why this might be happening?



Edited by: Varsha Agarwal on Jan 30, 2009 2:19 PM


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Refer this link,

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HI Varsha,

My suggestion on your query will be first check whether your data in downloading properly or not using simple function module GU_-DOWNLOAD and there you give the format as .xls and then you try to download with the ALV report.

And i think there might not be much changes has to be done with your system.



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list->export->local file does not save the file in a native excel format, but rather in a tab separated file.

try this experiment.

list->export->local file, spreadsheet. save it to your desktop, then open it with notepad. you can see that clearly, this is not an excel file.

what is likely screwing up your formatting are any headers you have on the report. For reports we know wil be downloaded, we usually give the option to print only column headings, and not report headings. another option is to have your user remove the headings with notepad before opening it in excel.

just a thought