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export/import memory ID in OO

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I tried to use the conventional way of EXPORT itab TO MEMORY ID 'itab' and

IMPORT itab FROM MEMORY 'itab' but it is not working in object oriented environment. How to write the correct syntax in object oriented environment?



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try this

data: itab type yourstructure.

itab-yourfield1 = 'X'.

export zzz from itab-yourfield1 to memory id 'mem'.

import zzz to itab-yourfield2 from memory id 'mem'.

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In oops,its not possible directly to itab to itab.

you should use work area

export .......itab ....wa_itab..

import wa_itab from itab..

check correct syntax.normally you should have work area in oops.


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Internal table with Header line is not Supported in ABAP OO.

So it may be the reason why you are getting an error.

Declare your ITAB without header line.

Try the Same code.

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