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Hi All,

I am using ' EXPORT / IMPORT itab FROM DATABASE INDX(AR) ID lv_id ' statement

to save variants (for a dynamically updated selection screen) .

I want to know the exact meaning of the Identification <b>ID</b> in the above statement.

So in my case

1. Should there me 1 entry each created for each variant saved, in the INDX table?

2. So should a unique and different ID used, each time EXPORT/IMPORT is done to save a variant?

Or wud all variants require just 1 entry ie. under 1 identification ID in INDX table.



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Passing Data Between Programs

There are two ways of passing data to a called program:

Passing Data Using Internal Memory Areas

There are two cross-program memory areas to which ABAP programs have access (refer to the diagram in Memory Structures of an ABAP Program) that you can use to pass data between programs.

SAP Memory

SAP memory is a memory area to which all main sessions within a SAPgui have access. You can use SAP memory either to pass data from one program to another within a session, or to pass data from one session to another. Application programs that use SAP memory must do so using SPA/GPA parameters (also known as SET/GET parameters). These parameters can be set either for a particular user or for a particular program using the SET PARAMETER statement. Other ABAP programs can then retrieve the set parameters using the GET PARAMETER statement. The most frequent use of SPA/GPA parameters is to fill input fields on screens (see below).

ABAP Memory

ABAP memory is a memory area that all ABAP programs within the same internal session can access using the EXPORT and IMPORT statements. Data within this area remains intact during a whole sequence of program calls. To pass data to a program which you are calling, the data needs to be placed in ABAP memory before the call is made. The internal session of the called program then replaces that of the calling program. The program called can then read from the ABAP memory. If control is then returned to the program which made the initial call, the same process operates in reverse. For further information, refer to Data Clusters in ABAP Memory.

Filling Input Fields on an Initial Screen

Most programs that you call from other programs have their own initial screen that the user must fill with values. For an executable program, this is normally the selection screen. The SUBMIT statement has a series of additions that you can use to fill the input fields of the called program:

Filling the Selection Screen of a Called Program

You cannot fill the input fields of a screen using additions in the calling statement. Instead, you can use SPA/GPA parameters.


EXPORT <f1> [FROM <g 1>] <f 2> [FROM <g 2>] ...

TO DATABASE <dbtab>(<ar>) [CLIENT <cli>] ID <key>.

This statement stores the data objects specified in the list as a cluster in the cluster database <dbtab>. You must declare <dbtab> using a TABLES statement. If you do not use the option FROM <f i >, the data object <f i > is saved under its own name. If you use the FROM <g i > option, the data objet <g i > is saved under the name <f i >.

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for export u have to use one and for import another one. so basically u require 2 ids. these ids are used to store the values as such.

if ur using more import or export u need to use so many ids as such.

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Hi kiret,

1. Should there me 1 entry each created for each variant saved, in the INDX table?

Keep the ID Constant. U can take any code.

eg. VA (meaning = variant)

2. For the field SRTFD

U can have the value as

a) Variant Name

b) or ProgramName + Variant Name

c) or ProgramShortPrefix + Variant Name

<b>3. So if u save 5 different variants in INDX table,

the ID would be all same for all 5 records ie. VA

but the field SRTFD would be different for all.</b>


amit m.