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Export function group to file

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I would like to know if it's possible to export a function group to a file and then restore it again from this file.

What I need is a way to store in hard disk the function groups.

thanks in advance


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Hi Javier,

U can release transport request of it and store it wherever u want.

However it wont be raedble but u can directly import it into any other SAP system.



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Hi Javier,

Check program RPUDFSM0.

Also check url for utility programs.

Hope this helps



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Hi Javier,

It is not possible to Export/Download whole Function Group to a file and restore it again from that file.

However, in general we download all the Includes and Screens individually by following:

Go to Include/Screen -> Utilities -> More Utilities -> Upload/Download -> Download

To upload the same Include/Screen:

First create Include/Screen with the same name. Then follow these steps

Go to Include/Screen -> Utilities -> More Utilities -> Upload/Download -> Upload

By this way, you can again get the whole Function Group in the system. Hope it helps.


Neeraj Gupta