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Execution of BI query starts ABAP Debugger. How to stop this?

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a user is unable to execute a query. But i am not able to find the missing authroization in the Log, as ABAP Debugger starts on execution of the query. Admin id is able to successfully run, as it has Full access.

How to stop this Debugger from running and How to know the missing Authroization values? The Log button becomes disabled, due to this error


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Hi Plaban,

Are you trying to run the query from Bex or thru' 'Execute as user' option in RSECADMIN or RSRT directly?

In the RSRT screen, make sure you hit the 'Execute' button and not 'Execute + Debug' one.

Please let me know if above is not the case.



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i am running thru  'Execute as user' option in RSECADMIN'. But i am using the option 'Execute'  and not 'Execute + Debug'.

This Debugger does not start , when the user has full authorization.It only starts, when there is some missing authorization

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when the debugger stops.... have a look in the call stack, and put a breakpoint in earlier, then run it again and debug from the breakpoint.. you should see what is causing the failure