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Execute FM in background for every 10K records

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I've a report which retrieves all the data from the master table using the open fetch cursor with the packet size 10,000


If there are 50,000 records(total)

For each 10,000 records it should trigger a job (am trying to call a common function module and submit the FM in background from report) where the validation will be done only through the funtion module.

Totally am expecting 5 job's to be trieggered.

Purpose : I want all the records validation to be completed Simultaneously with fraction of difference.

So friends any idea/any help would be greatly appriciated.



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you need to do the following:

1. set the report as an executable.

2. in tcode sm36

create a job.

assign the abap program- the report created in step 1 ( if you are scheduling from the same sap gateway else it is to be scheduled as an external program)

for the scheduling- you can schedule it after an event ( if the open cursor fetch exceeds or equals 10000) - if the no.of records read are less than 10000, then exit the report- so that the job will not be run.

schedule the date and time

save the job.

3. to view the status and change/delete the job use tcode sm37 and delete the release jobs.

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To be more clear I wanted to split 50K records into 10K and sumbit 5 jobs.

whenever I get 10K in my ITAB I should send this to background and then fetch another 10K and send it to batch again.

Just because of performnace,so how do I do this with in my report.



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I would implement parallel processing. Read parallel processing help and the best program to understand parallel processing in my opinion is RBDAPP01