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Execl down load

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when i am trying the data down load from ALV to excel, Bin field is converting into Date format.Canyou please guide me how to solve it.


Bing 01-01-01

While downloading it is converted into excel as 01/01/2001.




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Change the Excel cell properties or before downloading the values concatenate ' single quote to the

field and download to excel sheet ...

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thanks for u r reply.

it is workiing fine if we concatenate bin with '.' one dot instead space.

But storage bin number will come along with it make difereence.

this problem not only from my report but alos when i down load data from table LINV alos i am getting same issue.



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Hi guys,

are u aware of decarling hidden character in sap.



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This is obviously the problem with settings in MS excel .please change the settings for the same .

If u dont know how to change settings then open the excel sheet after uploading and select the entire column .

Then , goto tools---> options -->calculations (precision as displayed )

Also try changing the value of " fixed decimal places " to zero .

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i tried this option,but not worked,thanks for your reply.

is there other option for this.



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Sorry that my idea didnt worked out .But i encountered the same problem earlier also .After a long research i found the problem is with the MS excel .

But i am not quite sure which option i tried in options tab to make it work .

Maybe i am trying to contract your doubt to a smaller angle by asking u to concentrate on excel instead of messing with sap itself.

For confirming the same use any excel from other system or reinstall it on your system .

For eg : Sometimes selecting the fixed point decimals check box would make all the numbers to floating point notation even if the table data is not in floating point format .You cannot blame sap for this ... right !

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what you are telling is right, but my problem with char data type.Like bin is char(10),how it is converting into date a big question,

Now i came to know that when u type 01-01-01 in cxcel and press enter excel is converting it automatically like 01/01/2001.

further analysis is required on this.

i am rewarding point to you.



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To add to this , there are many scenarios where i was really getting weird in the project especially with excel sheet .

Some scenario which u should be careful with in mere future are .

a) Automatic increment of numbers when an tab is encountered when a file is uploaded with tab delimiter used.

b) When character field starts with '+' .

eg: mysap it would show cell address (A4B3 )

c) Date field conversion .

d) Blank spaces in between character .

As per your above try , i got it as "1/1/2001" and not "01/01/2001" .

If you right click on particular cell and select format cells option and then Number tab and then select date as dd/mm/yy format , u would get "1/1/01" .

select ctr l + A and do this for all field . u will get the desired output .

if you want this to be followed for all excel sheets then configure by following the menu "tools-->options" as mentioned in my previous reply ..