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Hello Experts,

what are these two events in reports (Get, at pfn).




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at pF : is used in interactive list it will be assigned F5 to F12. And it found obsolete

When you link a logical database with an executable program, the GET statements determine the depth to which the logical database is read. When you call the function module LDB_PROCESS, you determine the depth by specifying a node name in the CALLBACK parameter. For each node for which you request data, a callback routine can be executed at two points. These correspond to the GET and GET LATE events in executable programs. In the table parameter CALLBACK, you specify the name of the callback routine and the required execution point for each node. A callback routine is a subroutine in the calling program or another program that is to be executed at the required point.

For the GET event, the callback routine is executed directly after the data has been read for the node, and before the subordinate nodes are processed. For the GET_LATE event, the callback routine is processed after the subordinate nodes have been processed.

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After the logical database has read an entry from the node <table>

AT PF<nn>

- When the user triggers the predefined function code PF<nn>


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Alvaro Tejada Galindo

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Get we will use logical database

at pf (key) we will use in interacative reports.

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<b>at pF<key> </b>: function key from F5 to F12 to perform interactive action on the list.

<a href="">also refer this</a>

<b>GET </b>

This is the most important event for executable programs that use a logical database. It occurs when the logical database has read a line from the node node and made it available to the program in the work area declared using the statement NODES node.

<a href="">also refer this</a>