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event linkage edi notification

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I need to notify the successful posting of the idoc and i need to display the idoc.

So i setup the object as idocstatus in we57

then in bd67 i mentioned idoc packet object as idocpacket and end event as massinputfinished

idoc object as idocappl

start event inputerroroccurred

endevent inputfinished

then application object as idocstatus

start event statusidocprocessed

When i tested the idoc in we19 with a successful posting Iam not able to see the event (statusidocprocessed in idocstatus obj) been raised in SWEL.(In PFTC i created a task and given the link to event...).

What might be the problem have i missed any configurations....Please help....




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Hi Larry,

Please select the 'Standard Inbound processing option'.

What the system does when you select the inbound processing option and sepecify the function modules is it does not trigger the event.becasuse system assumes that it does dialog processing.So it does not make much sense to trigger a workflow for error processing.

I can see that you did everything right.

Please go ahead and test it .That will work.

I hope you have activated the event linkage with the task.

Thank you.



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Thanks for the reply...I assume u are mentioning the standard inbound option in WE19..I have tested only with that....still the event is not created....

will there be any problem with the object iam using...IDOCSTATUS....?

Pls help...



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Hi lary,

Link the event inputfinished and object type IDOCAPPL with your event and test it.Please activate the event linkage as well.

This should work for you.

Thank you.


karun M

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Hope you must have done all the settings for the IDOC by creating sub-objects of IDOCAPPL and IDOCPACKET.

But you can not test Workflow in WE19, as it is a testing tool for IDOC.

But when you create a task in PFTC by copying the Standard Task then goto SWUS and give the Workflow number as TS<Standard task number generated>

e.g. if you generate a new Task 99900167 in PFTC then try with TS99900167.