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Error while creating file

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Hi all,

I am executing a program in background which converts the file into PDF and sends email to the respective users. It is working fine when i execute in foreground. But, when i schedule this program in background, sometimes it runs successfully, while most of the time it gives the following error. Can anyone help me as why it is happening ? There r many pgms which r running in background.

This is the log file

Date time Message text

30.06.2006 05:00:07 Job started

30.06.2006 05:00:07 Step 001 started (program ZSDSALEXPERF, variant , user ID ITABAP)

30.06.2006 05:05:42 TEMSE_OPEN o.k. for SPOOL0000018612

30.06.2006 05:05:53 PDF data of length 1270908 created

30.06.2006 05:06:04 ABAP/4 processor: DATASET_NOT_OPEN

30.06.2006 05:06:04 Job cancelled

Thanks in advance,



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For some reasons looks like the OPEN DATASET command is failing in specific cases. If you are passing the name of the directory / file name at rutime, it could be becuase of the access issues for the specific directory.



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Error is comes out at OPEN DATASET.

Either the file is not existing or access to that file was refused. Or during operation on OPEN DATASET, the file was closed.

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check the following code

data: v_hex type x,

v_bit type n.

open dataset file_name for input in binary mode encoding default.


read dataset file_name into v_hex.

if sy-subrc ne 0.

close dataset file_name



do 8 times.

get bit sy-index of v_hex into v_bit.

write v_bit no-gap.



Thanks & regards