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Error in VIEW table.

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Hello Gurus,

I have one peculiar error . I have one Z maintainance view where there is one field PRCTR . The check table for it is CEPC.And in the Table /Join conditions there is one table FAGL_T8A30 in the Tables tab. Also there is one transaction made for this table. But the problem is when i try to enter any profit center value through SM30 , it gives me an error that this value is not in the table CEPC.But when I see the values in the table CEPC i find all the values. What could be the reason. Please help.




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Hi Abhishek ,

For standard field , we have a Conversion Exit 'CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT' . Try to use Conversion exit in your table maintainance for the field PRCTR.

i meant to say if you are entering value 123 in the table maintainance , It will be taken as 123 only. but in table CEPC It will be available as 0000000123. Thats the reason you are getting error in Table maintainance.

Please use Conversion Exit in Table maintainance, It will solve your problem

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Could you please tell me where to use the conversion exit in the table because i have the field PRCTR with domain PRCTR_DEFand it is having the conversion routine.

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Hello Abhishek ,

Please assign the same data element PRCTR ( same as CEPC ) for your ZTABLE as well.


Otherwise through appropriate Events you need handle , by calling the Conversion routine. Which Event you need to use is based on when the error is triggered. Most probably you may need to use Event 05 ( During the new entry ).

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I cannot add PRCTR as data element as the base table is FAGL_T8A30 and the field PRCTR has data element PRCTR_DEF . Also i dont think it is problem of conversion routine because when i try to add a new entry adding 0's to the prctr value i get the same error.