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Hi ABAP Gurus,

I am facing a problem and please help me to sort it out. My problem is I am uploading the material master using BAPI (BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA).

How to enhance the BAPI so that it must satisfy my requirement that is it must upload the data to Z tables already developed,scince the standerd BAPI does not support it, it is only possible though enhancements?

How to find out the Exits available for function module BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA

How solve this problem so that the BAPI must automatically upload the data into Ztables along with standard tables.

Please help me,

Thanks in Advance,


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Plz check topic: Enhancing the BAPI by Including Additional Customer Database Tables

in Online documentaions - Enhancements, Modifications, … (CA-BFA) in Cross application components.

Hope this helps you.

Best Regards, Murugesh AS

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The two tables EXTENSIONIN and EXTENSIONINX are only for extensions of standard tables MARA, MARM, MAKT, MARC, MARD, MBEW, MLGN, MLGT, MVKE.

If you have some ZZ-fields, which are appends of above tables -> you can use BAPI-extension.

But you have own Z-tables -> BAPI can't update them in this way.

You might have an extended article master transaction, which saves inside into Z-tables - but this sounds not like your situation.

So one option left: copy your input data; write own Z-reports, which reads input files, searchs for already created articles and fills additional Z-tables.



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Hi,Christian Wohlfahrt

i need to update the zz-fields of standard table marc,

now, but i do not know how to do,can you explain me thks.