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Enhancement 'MM06E005', problem with ok_code

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I have implemented MM06E005 , i have activated all the screen exits.. everything is working fine. And also i have done the coding as per the SAP notes138855 to make sure that user defined push buttons works. But i am facing a problem, in some cases when i press user defined push buttons(on the screen 211), before it comes to PAI of this screen ok_code(SY-UCOMM) is changing to ENTE. I think this code is available in the include LKACBO01. Please let me know how to make sure that SY-UCOMM contains only the code which i have pressed(selected)


Rajavardhana reddy


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This problem may be because of screen sequence. Put a break point in FM SCREEN_SEQUENCE_CONTROL and check for the output.

You may have to make few changes in table T185 in transaction VFBS.

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Hi vamsi,

can you give some more details about the screen sequence . I have couple of problems even after doing the required changes as per the note.

To more precise i have defined few fields in screen exit as mandatory. I am encountering the following issues.

1. For the custom fields if the user not entered any data till the stystem gives a error, if the user enter data after that and then press push button, it is giving error 'This function code is not defined'. Actually the OSS note '138855' talks about this issuse, even after adding the required logic the problem is coming

2. If the user enters data to all the mandatory fields and press push button it is going into infinite loop

only in the below situation it is working.

enter the required data for all fields, comeback to item screen and then go back to screen exit for any item, press push button.

let me know is there any way we can resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance

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Please check this sample codes from other thread.


DATA: g_ekko_ci LIKE ekko_ci.

In the FM EXIT_SAPMM06E_006

ekko_ci = i_ci_ekko.

In the FM EXIT_SAPMM06E_007

*transfer values in own structures

move-corresponding i_ekko to gl_ekko_ci.

In the FM EXIT_SAPMM06E_008

E_CI_EKKO = gl_ekko_ci.

if gl_ekko_ci-ZZ ne ekko_ci-ZZ.

e_ci_ekko-ZZ = ekko_ci-ZZ.

e_ci_update = 'X'.


Please check my reply for other thread.

For your case, please use program SAPLXM06 and screen 0101.

You can also use the BADI for this purpose. ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST

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