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Enhancement in VA41/VA42

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Hi All,

I have this specific situation.

In VA42 Transactn, in the "Billing Plan" tab (header/item level), if we change the value of "Rule for Origin of Next Billing/Invoice Date(FPLA-PERIO)", say to "Quaterly" or "Monthly", amounts(FPLT-FAKWR) get generated at each newly generated item level(FPLT-FPLTR). (quaterly - 4 items, monthly - 12 items)

The summation of the FAKWR values at these item levels i.e., the Net Value , results in a marginal difference when compared to net value of the contract-item (KOMP-NETWR - this value can be found in conditions tab).

My requirement is as below:

Eg: Consider Net Value from Document of an Item as USD 1000 and Monthly Billing Plan. When PERIO is set to Monthly, this amount will be divided in equal 12 parts each of USD 83.33

So on Billing plan tab, Net Value becomes 83.33 * 12 = 999.96

Now there is a difference of USD 0.04 between Billing Plan net value and Conditions net value.

So I need to modify first line in Billing plan and add the difference so that first line has value 83.37 and total comes to 1000.

I have two user exits in the Billing Plan,



when checked in debug mode, the value of XFPLT tables contains all the newly generated FLTPR values but, the FAKWR values are getting generated some where at a later point.

I need some place after that point where I can "tweak" the value of first newly generated FLTPR's FAWKR.

It would be of great help if someone can help me in this regards.

PS: SAP Note 92655 is already applied to make this tweaking possible.




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When you updating internal table XFPLT you should update the structure FPLT also...

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HI Momirovic,

I think you have got me wrong. I haven't touched the exit yet. In order to modify the value of XFPLT or FPLT, I was checking the values of them, when the above mentioned exits gets triggered.

Had if the FAWKR values been got updated by the time the compiler reaches one of those exits... I would had an option to tweak the value of it. Hope I'm clear now.


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1. Userexits USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_FPLT and USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_FPLA are designed for filling new fields (which are developed on tables FPLT and FPLA corresponding) and maybe it is possible to change some values new items. If you try tu use it to update, you are on wrong way.

2. SDVFX007 (CMOD) - EXIT_SAPLV60B_007. It is executed after function module BILLING_SCHEDULE_CREATE_T052S for creating billing plan, or when billing starts.

3. BILLING_SCHEDULE_DELTA - for any changes, you can use the user exit to determine whether the difference should be stored in the final invoice or sent to the next deadline.

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Hi again,

Thank you for the help. The 3rd option already didn't work for. I did try it.

I tried checking with the second option, but it doesn't even get triggered when i do any changes in the Billing Plan tab.


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Usually X* structures are indicator for new and changed lines (like thay looked before change), and Y* structures are changes.

Pls try to change YFPLA/YFPLT, not XFPLA/XFPLT in option 3.

Sorry, maybe I didnt explain 2nd option... It starts when customer something payed (it is not necessary same value as planed, and it is good user-exit for recalculation in that case)... it is not what do you have right now... but maybe next problem...

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Hi Momirovic,

(It was EOD yesterday in India.)

I did check out the values of YFPLT. Till the last trigger of the user exit, "USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_FPLT", the values in YFPLT remain with the previous ones. My requirement is the change the value in the newly created line items.


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Hi Shaan,

Even we are having the same issue. Could you please let us know how you were able to resolve the same?


Manohar Dubbaka.