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Enhancement in QA33

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Dear Experts,

I need to display delivery and sales return order number in QA33 repot. I hv fetched the data and its getting displayed in respected  column but with default layout variant only.  Problem is when i change layout ( add new field from changes layout), these two column getting blanked. values disappeard.

I hv used implicity enhancement, data is displayed useing some FM, and i hv written my code there.

Any suggestion how to handle this.




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Hi Jaspal,

Please put break-point  at Final table which is used to dispaly data on screen and check if newly added columns are getting populated or not.

If NOT check FIELDCATALOG structure else if values are coming properly in Internal table  then , check if you are using FM 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY' and in that correct layout has been passed.

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Thanks alot sachin for ur reply.

everything is working fine. data  is coming into internal table and getting displayed also.

first time when i run the report with default layout varient (ztest), values are displayed in respective columns. but when i change the layout, suppose i need to disply one more column, then these tow column getting blanked. Even data populated into internal table is lost for these two column.

any suggestion.



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Hi Jaspal,

Please check if you have  use the FM REUSE_ALV_VARIANT_SAVE for saving ALV variants.

You can create a parameter in the selection screen, while displaying the ALV with this variant - you just need to populate the IT_VARIANT ( type DISVARIANT) with your prog name and the variant name.

Once you have done that ( along with I_DEFAULT = 'X" and I_SAVE = 'X") , users will be able to save the variants from the ALV menu itself.