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Empty Handling Units from inbound Delivery

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I am using Function Modules HU_GET_HUS , V51P_FILL_GT, HU_EMPTY_HU and HU_POST in sequence to empty Handling Unit for tr code VL32N ( Inbound Delivery) .

The HU is getting empty but the materials related to the HU under 'Materials to be Packed' is getting deleted .

Could you please help , what can be the reason or what I need to do so that materials are shown after unpack of HU .



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Hello nirvanahana0123

I'd advise against the function modules that you are using because they are not either document or released for end customer usage. Their incorrect usage may cause adverse side effect, just as you are experiencing.

Instead you should use WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE function. Indeed WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE is not documented or release either. However SAP recommends it in note 581282 - Packing of deliveries via BAPI or function module

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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I finally opted for BDC .